About Image Gang

Your Local Girl Gang

South London rooted Jewellery and accessory brand Image Gang has garnered a global community of courageous and creative young women. In just little over a year some of its biggest markets span across the UK, Germany, USA and Denmark, pointing to Image Gang quickly becoming to go to for nostalgic jewels and gold. Inspired by 28 year old owner Isabelle’s childhood, the girls she was surrounded by and the jewellery they would wear, Image Gang holds a strong symbolism of girl power, togetherness and an overall sense of youthfulness. Isabelle explains ‘The reason I started the brand was just a lack of choice in regards to the stuff i liked to wear and quality available. Everything would turn green in a matter of weeks and it was all very basic and the same everywhere.’ Starting out by selling found deadstock on ebay, sales took off and from these funds the first ‘Babygirl’ necklace was created. With this piece continuing to sell out after every restock, Isabelle brought out the ‘Cross My Heart’ collection which is still selling presently on Image Gang.

Each piece of jewellery is caringly handpicked, curated and created by owner Isabelle White, with this all in mind whilst maintaining an affordable price for 18 and 24KT gold plated and gold filled pieces for everyday wear. Having been worn by multiple women who are changing the game right now, such as Stefflon Don, Snoochie Shy, Kasai, Tamera, Rachel Foxx and a recent collab with Nike, the female owned brand has been recognised for its authenticity and style resulting in its popularity is climbing rapidly. ‘The best thing about Image Gang, for me, is that it has been able to make the jewelry I love and grew up wearing, accessible to other young women all over the world. Image Gang is for everyone and I want everyone to feel part of the gang' Isabelle speaks.